• Movie Review

    Just Go with it (2011)

    Just Go with it is a regular comedy movie starring Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler and Brooklyn Decker. Adam Sandler is a successful plastic surgeon (unmarried) and Jennifer Aniston is his assistant. Adam pretends to Brooklyn Decker (math teacher) he is in a bad marriage, has two kids. All of them go on a vacation to Hawaii. How Adam handle one lie after another with Brooklyn and finally marries Jennifer Aniston is the story. A light movie that you can watch on a plane travel like I did – no complaints that way.  

  • Movie Review

    Midnight in Paris (2011)

    Since I heard about this movie early this year I have been wanting to see this “Midnight in Paris” directed by Woody Allen. Today I watched it on the flight to London. The movie is about Gil (played by Owen Wilson), who is a successful Hollywood screenwriter and his fiancée, Inez (played by Rachel McAdams) who are visiting Paris. Gil is obsessed with Paris and finishing his first novel which is about what he thinks are the magical times in 1920 Paris. One of the night he is magically transported to 1920 era in Paris where he gets to meet and mix with all legendary writers of that time including…

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    Travel to USA by BA

    Today I travelled from Chennai to Los Angeles with transit in London by British Airways. The in-flight entertainment choices in BA are limited, for the whole month they have only a few movies and just one episode each of Comedy TV Series like Big Bang Theory & 30 Rock. And it is the same choices for inbound and outbound flights, so I am sure when I am returning from the US I won’t have any options to watch. In Business class, they have power outlets on each seat so I am sure I will watch something on my Laptop. The service by the in-flight crew was fine, but still short…

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    TV Show Review

    Ramany Vs Ramany

    Ramany Vs Ramany is a comedy TV series from Min Bimbangal, the house of Director K.Balachander. It is about a newly-wed couple, and how they are settling down in their life while adjusting to each other’s freakishness. The bride and bridegroom are named Ramany, adding to the confusion in a few episodes. The lead couple Babloo Prithiveeraj and Vasuki (Anand) have lived the roles of a modern-day couple very well. There were two seasons with 13 episodes made in each season. Update 2018: The TV series is available for free on YouTube – you can start with S01E01 here.