I have been attending this yearly event by Nasscom – Emergeout Conclave in Chennai. This year it happened today in Hilton, Chennai – this was the first time I am going to this hotel since it was opened a few months back. The hotel was nice and functional, but I couldn’t find any character or inspiration in the design.

Mr.Som Mittal in his speech mentioned Indian IT products are being recognized slowly, for example, Scope International of Standard Chartered Bank worked with NASSCOM in adopting Indian IT technologies. 12 products were showcased and 7 got selected.

Keynote speaker was Mr.Krishnamachari Srikkanth who started slowly in his speech but picked up speed and hit the balls all over Hilton. He over-shadowed everyone else in the panel discussion that followed up, but it was enjoyable and unpretentious. Krish Srikkanth in his speech talked about:

    • Being positive, energy can’t be created or destroyed it can only change
    • Be bold, play natural, be different. Human nature is to put down on difference
    • Enjoy what you are doing and don’t worry about results.
    • More important listen to your heart, don’t go fully based on data & Analytics. Your heart and consciousness are connected to super consciousness and a supercomputer called God. Leaders take decisions through heart not by rational.
    • Don’t use complicated words like pedagogy and all that. Keep things simple
Nasscom Emegeout 2011 - Kris Srikkanth

Nasscom Emergeout 2011 – Kris Srikkanth

  • Fortune favours the brave (தில்லுக்கு துட்டு). High-risk high gain
  • When Leader messes, everyone is happy
  • In Cricket Technology can fine-tune a natural talent. It can’t create talent when it doesn’t exist

In the panel discussion, one of the speaker “Ramki” says currently Cricket fans chase information and websites. Why not the information chase or reach users automatically?. One thing I didn’t understand – why have a moderator for a star speaker like Kris. The moderator was unable to steer the discussion or add any value. The next two panel discussions that followed were not inspiring for me, so I left the event during lunch time.

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