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    A weekend away at Yelagiri

    Last weekend (28-30 July) I excused myself from work for a much wanted (long promised) short vacation with my wife (of course!) and our 3-year-old son. One of my colleagues at the office has been recommending Yelagiri to me for almost a year now (Thanks, Akhila Arun for the recommendation). Decided to go for it, I booked the room at Taj Gardens in advance – the resort I was told tends to get filled up during the weekends due to high bookings from IT folks from Bangalore and Chennai. Zeenat Taj Gardens is a family run farmhouse owned by one Mr.Rahman (who is a retired Leather Businessman). Fortunately, when we…

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    Risky rides with Two Wheeler in Chennai

    As per law wearing an Helmet is optional for two wheel riders in Chennai. Traffic Police and NGOs recommend people to wear it to protect themself – because major percentage of serious accidents involving Two Wheeler result in Head Injuries. Inspite of this risk, during my commute every day in Chennai I am finding the number of people wearing helmets shrinking. Even people who do wear it, or not buckling it!. Photo above has nothing to do with Chennai, taken by me in Lankawi, Malaysia Another recent trend is the growing number of two wheelers – in which more than 2 people (as allowed by law) riding in one two wheeler. It…

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    My maiden travel in Paramount Airways

    As regular readers of my blabbering here in my blog know that I am a big fan of Jet Airways and consider their service to be the best among Airlines worldwide. I normally avoid business travel in low cost airlines due to the fear of they cancelling or getting delayed, but my experience with Paramount today was different. I have heard that they normally cancel their flights last minutes especially Chennai-Hyderabad-Chennai. My travel today from Chennai to Bangalore was my first with Paramount Airways and I should say that I was more than impressed with the experience. The Aircraft was a brand new Embraer 175, had fine interiors and was on time. The Airhostesses were…