Tamil Nadu Textbooks available for free online

Tamil Nadu Government runs “Tamil Nadu Text Book Corporationunder its School Education Department for publishing Text books (பாடப் புத்தகங்கள்) under heavily subsidized prices. The text books are written by experienced teachers and are the official curriculum for school students in the state studying under the State Board Education system. Their Tamil Text Books are also used as curriculum for other board students (like CBSE) as well.

Std 2 Tamil Textbook story[5]

This year I had to buy Tamil Text Book for STD II for my son studying in P.S.B.B.S.S.School and after asking in few book shops got it in a shop[ in T.Nagar. With this background, when I happened to meet our fellow INFITT member Mr.Iniya Nehru, Director in NIC (NIC handles many of the IT Services and Websites for Govt. of India & Govt. of Tamil Nadu) I was mentioning to him that Text Books published by Government can be made available online as a E-Books (say PDF files) for convenience. It will serve as a valuable reference for those living outside Tamil Nadu and studying Tamil. Mr.Nehru replied it is already there, I assumed it will be a shopping cart facility for ordering online or as PDF for electronic purchase. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Text Book Corporation has made all its text books available for free as Adobe Acrobat files (PDF) at its website. Thank you, Mr.Nehru for this information, I hope this post in my blog will help students and teachers who are looking for the books.

tamil nadu textbooks onlineOf course, I don’t see in short term the e-books replacing the printed version as they are extremely low priced due to government subsidy. For example, STD II Tamil text book of more than hundred pages costs just Rs.15.

Update September 2013:

We have now released an Android App for free for reading these textbooks offline. Download from Google play following this link.

Update May 2012: 

At my firm Vishwak Solutions we have recently released an iPad App that makes reading Tamil Nadu School Textbooks easier and made available offline. The app is free and can be downloaded from here.


  1. Dear Sh Venkat,
    Thanks for sharing the information in your blog.
    E.Iniya Nehru


  2. Karthik Ragavan July 21, 2010 at 6:41 am

    Thanks a lot for this information. It would be very useful for me to teach my kids Tamil with a proper sylabbus.


  3. Fantastic information.. for me.. looking for this to know the standard of education in TN to align with edu in Bangalore


  4. Hi,

    But now for Std1 to Std10th is not available.

    Any idea, when it will be available?

    Thanks & Regards,


  5. this site is not avilable now


  6. I guess the pages are removed to be updated with new textbooks once released. To see the older versions, you can visit Web Archive at http://wayback.archive.org/web/, this stores various pages all over internet at periodic frequencies. Kind of like a time capsule.


    1. thank u.


  7. hello sir… i want some help for agri info services from you..

    by sakthivel
    Managing Trustee
    Rural Education And Agriculture Development Organization


  8. Great of you having the thaought that ‘It will serve as a valuable reference for those living outside Tamil Nadu and studying Tamil.’I am living in Muscat my daughter in class-2 with no Tamil subject. By downloading and printing it in a book format,i taught her all the alphabet and now she can read and write well. Thanks for all making this facility possible.



  9. Thanks for sharing this information.please upload practicall books also..

    Thanks regards


  10. V.Thirumalaisamy April 9, 2012 at 12:13 am

    Dear Sir,
    I wish to collect the Old Text Books of Tamil Subject for the Classes IX, X, XI, XII published in 1980. Will you please suggest me where I can get the copies. If electronic copies are available, it be highly useful.
    With Regards,


  11. Please provide the address of the book shop where we could buy TN textbooks.



    1. If you are in Chennai, you can go to book shops near T.Nagar Bus terminus or Mylapore Luz Tank. You can buy directly from Tamil Nadu Textbook corporation (Department of School Education) in College Road (Opposite to Shankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital)


  12. Sir Where can i find old SSLC 10th books?
    I could find only for 2011 – 2012 books

    Pls help me


  13. hi sir i need 10th std science book


  14. i need 6th to 10th 2007 to 2008 batch books… in which website shall i get it

    pls help me


  15. M.PARTHASARATHI April 14, 2014 at 8:56 am

    i want year 1989 third standard books


  16. Please send the I st std tamilbook in the year of 1994-1995


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