Book Review

Made in America by Sam Walton

What a great book “Made in America” is. I picked this book a few weeks back, I started reading it immediately during my travel and finished it yesterday night. The style and the language are well written and direct, you feel as if Mr.Sam Walton (Founder Wal-Mart) is actually speaking to you on a 1 on 1.

If the numbers that Wal-Mart have achieved ($53 Billion Annual Sales) when Mr.Sam Walton wrote the book was impressive and unbelievable; it is even more staggering now ($310 Billion Annual Sales, 1.6 Million Associates).

There are some ideas of Mr.Walton that I felt may need a little fine-tuning for being appropriate to the 21st Century, but the basic ideas he outlines are still very much relevant. His experiences on how he built Wal-mart are a fascinating read. This is an excellent book that must be read by every entrepreneur – especially those who are thinking of starting a business. It should be (if it isn’t already) made a textbook in business education streams.

My thanks to late Mr.Sam Walton for fighting his disease in his last days and managing to write this book. I am afraid to think the amount of wisdom that would have been lost if he succumbed to death (which happened in 1992) without completing this work.