Uncle Sam

Americans and People familiar with USA, know “Uncle Sam” is a national personification of the United States. Several years back when I first came across this term , I didn’t understand it but eventually figured it out from the context. Over the years many times when I came across the term, I was curious on its origin and official status but never bothered to check it out.


Today I took the effort to find out and got the answer from here & here. It dates from the War of 1812 and there are multiple theories behind the actual origin.


My Keynote – Advanced Computer Conference

Last Wednesday (20/Sep/2006) I delivered a Keynote address for “National Conference On Advanced Computing & Technology” – a technical conference organized by MCA department of Jayaram College of Engineering & Technology, Pagalavadi, Trichy. As the Chief Guest of the event, I had the privilege of sharing the dais with Dr.R.Krishnamoorthy, Deen Bharathidasan Institute of Technology, Trichy (BIT).

When I agreed to attend the event, my expectations were not great – Students are not going to be interested in hearing one more industry talk. I was mistaken, the participated students were attentive and even had some interesting questions for me. I spoke about the reasons why I believe that Indian IT Exports are poised to grow further and tips for fresh graduates. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the event and the trouble of spending one-and-half days (Chennai to Trichy by Road takes about 5 to 6 hours each way) was worth it.

The Hospitality of the organizers was awesome and their College Chairman Er.M.Subramaniam & other dignitaries spoke great about me – I am not sure I deserve it and I had to accept them in all humbleness.

Following the Inauguration function, there was a brief press meet for me organized with the reporters from media (TV, News Agencies & Print). Press meets are always interesting and they are a tight rope to walk – you want to tell them as much as you can so that you get good coverage and at the same time you don’t want to imply anything that you didn’t intend to. You got to be as clear and as explicit as possible, to the extend you don’t sound boring/legal. My position also makes it difficult, I want to talk about my company “Vishwak Solutions Pvt. Ltd.” and the great work we are doing there; but press wants (as expected) to focus on my honourary title as “Microsoft MSDN Regional Director” –  I don’t want to be mis-interpreted as a “Microsoft” Official. This meet was useful for me, as I got good oppurtunity to talk about Vishwak’s investments in mobile web technology, hiring challenges, problems of taxation for Indian Small Software exporters and more. I am happy to see good coverage resulting out of it, coming in various media (On DD Poodhigai TV – 27/Sep, The Hindu – 24/Sep, Dina Malar – 21/Sep and others).

After the event, I had a spontaneous invitation by Dr.R.Krishnamoorthy to deliver a similar talk in his college. Accepting the invitation I travelled down to BIT (in Pudukotai highroad near Trichy Airport) and talked to the students there for about 15-20 minutes. It was lunch time so I didn’t risk standing in front of their food :-)

 Watch video of my speech



Media Coverage:


How to stop exam cheating?

The Register (UK) carried a news item about an interesting idea to prevent Students from cheating in exam halls – it is to put them behind cages :-). Read more here at “How to stop exam cheating: put teenagers in cages | The Register

I am wondering on what happened to good ol’ copying by seeing the answers of the Topper in front of you?. Nothing can beat the thrill and joy of it – I am not advocating this, but doing it during your class trial tests are neverthless fun, right? :-)