Do you love or hate Visual Studio?

Charles Petzold is known to many as father of Windows API Programming. His Windows Programming books are Bibles in the subject. But you never knew he is also a profound thinker and orator, until you listened/read his recent speech given to .NET user group. The topic he choose was “Does Visual Studio Rot the Mind?”, if you are using Visual Studio, then this is a must read. Thanks Charles, all these years I was thinking I am mad for being the only person in the planet to complain on these nuisances with VS.



Rains Stopped in Chennai

Finally rains have stopped fully from today morning with heavy down pours stopping y’day night itself. Water is receding from all roads, power has been almost restored in all parts of the city. Slowly Chennai city is coming back to normal today.


Rains in Chennai

It normally doesn’t rain enough in chennai, water shortage has been a perenial problem here due to failed rains. The water situation became a little better in the last 6 to 12 months, thanks to World Pioneering Rainwater harvesting scheme enforced by local government and Veeranam water project. Still in the last 4 years+, we didn’t have a decent rain fall. All of this changed with the rain pouring down in Chennai for last couple of days. It has been raining non-stop for nearly last 24 hours. Very few people managed to leave their houses, so almost all schools and offices have been closed due to rains. Thanks to Internet many of my office colleagues are managing to work from home. Main Electricity supply has been switched off for safety, I hope I will be able to work few more hours with my Battery power.

Rain in Chennai
(Pictures taken from my Balcony)


Print your own boarding pass

I had to come to Mumbai today and so I had my office book an e-ticket for me in Jet Airways from Chennai – Mumbai 7AM flight. Yesterday late evening I was told the meeting got postponed so I thought it to be better to move myself to the next flight – the one that leaves Chennai at 9:15AM. When I checked Jet website for the availability in 9:15AM flight I noticed the fares to be only Rs.5280 against Rs.7800 (or so in my earlier booking) for the 7AM flight. So I called up Jet over phone – cancelled my earlier booking and made a new booking over Internet. All this is routine stuff, but the reason of this post is that it all (Cancellation and New booking) got done within 10 minutes – Thanks to Jet Airways well-informed Call Centre Operators and their efficient website.

The best part of the online booking was that Jet now allowed me to choose the seat, checkin and even print the boarding pass right from my desktop. This definitely saves the trouble of queueing up in the check-in counters. If you travel with just an hand baggages (like me with my Laptop today), with the printed boarding pass you can go directly to the security check. Remember to take a valid photo-id (I showed my Tamilnadu state Driving License), they check for it in couple of places along the way.

Being a frequent flyer, I have had the chance to travel in over a dozen airlines (or more) around the world and I can certainly say when it comes to Service (both In-Flight and Ground) no other airline comes close to Jet’s superb track record. Next will be Singapore Airlines. The best part about Jet’s staff is that most of the time they anticipate your needs or get it right away after being told; And all the time you will be greeted with a genuine smile. Certainly “Naresh Goyal” and his team deserves a big “Kudos” for creating such a first class team.

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Navarathri 2005

It is festival season in India. Navarathri (Dasara in Hindi) is one of India’s important festival period, the word Navarathri means “9 Nights”. 9 Nights of celebrations in which people in their houses show casing idols of gods and godesses in beautiful settings, dolls depecting stories, parks, kolams (Floor Paintings with Colour Rice Powders). Relatives and Friends visit each others houses to see the decorations, chat, eat “Sundals” and leave.

We had lots of visitors this time to our house. So overall Navathri is a good chance for you to visit friends and relatives who you haven’t met for years.

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