List of Movies & TV shows I have seen

I wish to update this list as and when I remember with the list of movies that I have seen in the past before I took to blogging or missed to blog. This serves no useful purpose other than as a note to myself.

Hollywood Movies

English TV Shows
(These are shows that I have watched more than few episodes and I liked them, I may not have watched all episodes)

Watching – English TV Shows


Indian Movies

  • Mrs. & Mr. Iyer
  • Tamil Movies

  • Thennilavu (1961)
  • Enga Veettu Pillai
  • Ulagam Suttrum Valiban
  • Anbe Vaa
  • Sri Raghavendra
  • Moondru Mugam
  • Thillu Mullu
  • Manal Kayiru
  • Poove Poochudava
  • Jeans
  • Aayirathil Oruvan (1965 film)
  • Encoded URL Decoder

    When reading mails in Hotmail, I dislike the idea of hyperlinks in the message opening up in a framed browser window. One problem is that it eats up browser space and the other being I cannot add it to my favourties or email the URL.

    Look at this, a simple hyperlink to in a hotmail message, is turned into a URL beast:

    On an evening where I had nothing else to do, no India Cricket Match, no calls, no reading; I sat down to write this tiny program that solves this problem. 

    Just right click and copy shortcut on the Hyperlink in Hotmail,  switch to this application, press Decode button. The decoded (Simple) URL is copied into your clipboard. Now you can launch IE and paste the simple URL.

    Download v1.0.0.1:

    The application is written using Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 to execute.

    If you wish to run this with .NET Framework 1.0, then download this Configuration Zip file and unzip it into the same folder as the main application.

    MSN Messenger Protocol

    I have been always curious on how these IM’s work. My favourite IM being MSN Messenger. I was searching for documentation and code-snippets to understand on what goes back and forth over the wire when we use Messenger. I came across the following

    The official documentation from Microsoft for Windows Messenger (the poor cousin of MSN Messenger) is found here. This lists the Messenger Client APIs, the Service APIs and more. Though not updated recently it is the only official source.

    The most active, single source of information about MSN Messenger is the site appropriately called MSNFanatics. The site has discussion forums about the Messenger API, security concerns, add-ons and more. Recently it has a tool called TabMgr that allows you to write your own Tabs in MSN Messenger.

    The website that I found with well written documentation and example sessions for a developer is from Mike Mintz. Check this out at, you will love it.

    If you like Java (I like the coffee) then you can get the JMSN client source from Sourceforge, that shows a working Java client that uses MSN Messenger protocol.

    As usual, this post comes with the disclaimer that I don’t support or endorse in any way, any of the above sites and you are on your own; your individual mileages may vary :-) . MSN, MSN Messenger are copyright and/or Trademark of Microsoft Corporation.